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Dinner tonight: Spiralized Mexican Sweet Potato & Chicken Casserole

We’re trying a new-to-us recipe: Spiralized Mexican Sweet Potato & Chicken Casserole.

I can’t recall how I stumbled on this one, I believe it was through I can’t entirely leave recipes alone, so I did make a few changes. I don’t have a spiralizer, so I used my Kitchenaid slicer attachment (the smaller one). I found in prepping it, there were a lot of steps since I didn’t have cooked chicken all ready in my fridge (am I the only one who never does? We freeze breasts whole and thaw to cook as needed.). So, while I had hoped for one pot, the pan to cook in, plus the KitchenAid being dirty, I ended up using a whole lot more tools and pans. Thankfully I have a dishwasher!

It’s out of the oven and smells better than I expected. I was very suspicious when I put it in the oven, which Alex all ready thinks is suspect. We’ll try it in a just a bit and if it’s good, it’ll go into rotation.


Meanwhile, earlier this week we made Moroccan Lamb that I adored (Alex said it needed more spice or heat).


Pita Bread

So, my schedule matches Alex’s since, ya know, I don’t have a “real” job and am just enjoying this hausfrau business, and I’ve discovered that about 2-4am my brain does weird things. In my body-clock time, that’s about 10am-noon, but it’s dark outside and boring and quiet. The dog is lazy on this schedule, so he’s been no help keeping me company but since he’s out, the cat’s not visiting really either.

All this to day, tonight’s weird craving was pita bread. I wanted to make some pita bread to go with the leftover curry from last night because I’m a bread addict. There, I said it. So anyway, a quick search, picking through a few recipes and I picked this one to use. Now, I’ve made bread a few times before and the go-to is a no-knead peasant bread that is pretty foolproof, so when I thought to myself “this dough looks stickier than their photos,” instead of adding flour like I have a brain, I powered through it. So very sticky dough meant that I had a hell of a time rolling it. It stuck to everything. That said, I got flat-ish patties of dough and went ahead and baked them.

The verdict? I need to add at *least* another half cup of flour to the dough and go less water. I used probably 1 1/3 cups water because, silly me, when it says the flour isn’t sticking into the dough, I added water. Next time, less water, more flour.

That being said, it is pretty easy. Like, not nearly as hard as I figured it would have been.

The flavor is okay, but they’re a little dense and the middle is just a smidge less cooked than I like, probably because I didn’t roll them thin enough. I did have the oven set at 425F mostly because the original reviews were leaning in favor of hotter and I know my oven runs cool.

Dinner Tonight


All new to me recipes. We’ll see how it goes.




Followers – I know I’ve picked up a lot of you recently. How’d you find me? What do you like to see? What made you decide to follow me? I feel like Alice with all my curiosity.

Microwave Chocolate Mug Brownie!

I just had a chocolate 🍫 craving and m&ms didn’t sound right so I went hunting for a quick recipe.

This was certainly easy to make – I used a little souffle dish I have instead of a coffee cup & topped it with a bit of icing I had left in the cabinet from Alex’s birthday.

I wouldn’t make a big batch of these but for a quick bite it was okay.