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The ears. Oh the ears. I couldn’t find a way of doing them that I honestly liked. I ended up using a crochet half-circle tutorial I Googled and they were ok.

I did approx 2ā€ of 2×2 ribbing in back, switched to white and finished the hat. Not my favourite hat, but I think the recipient will like it.

If I were to do again, Iā€™d do 2 DC half circles and stitch them together to make fatter ears. Oh well. She’ll get it this weekend (maybe she’ll let us take a photo of her wearing it?)

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Apparently these pics never made it to the blog.
City Girl cap
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Hooray October! I’ve yet to make it to Hickory to buy fabric what with all the gas mess going on. We’re currently planning on going tomorrow, and Mom & I have set aside October 18th as a girls sewing day since Alex will be at a festival with his dad and Rusty will be at a bachelor party.

I finished knitting my Tricorn hat. Felted it in the washing machine (SO COOL) and it was too big, so I boil felted it last night by hand. Still drying, but I think it’s right now (huzzah!)

I also washed and blocked the pieces for the Estes vest. Hoping it’ll be dry when I get home after work, I can seam it up and do the edging then.

My shopping list for Hickory is almost all craft related and keeps growing, haha.

I taught myself to crochet, thanks to books Kara sent me (& all her hooks). It’s much easier this go through, in a way it never was before. I think it’s to do with being able to see stitches and stuff. Anyway, yeah, add that to the list of crafts for me šŸ™‚

I’m getting ready to do some socks for Alex and I have started another mobius scarf that will either be for me or for Mom. I’ve not decided yet.

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