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Today I am thankful for phone calls from Alex, that his hip is not fractured, and that we have a new timeline, even if we are uncertain about it.


Morning thankful

. Flannel sheets
. Rice bags
. Dark curtains
. Comfy jammies
. A new neighborhood that is off a main road/minimal traffic noiae

Working today

Today I am thankful for:
1. polite children (& parents who encourage that behavior)
2. Long underwear


Today, glad for:
1. Learning music as a kid
2. Free concerts


So, you may have noticed this popped up kind of randomly. I decided that I wanted to try to get back into the gratitude journal thing. Used to be that I’d do a physical journal and try to write 5 things each day that i was grateful/thankful for. It felt forced some days and very trivial some days. But I think that’s sometimes the point, to be thankful for the small things and recognize that sometimes that’s what gets you through the days. So I’m trying to get back to it (at least sometimes) and November, with Thanksgiving, seemed to be as good a time as any.

Today’s things I am thankful for: coworkers I like, good news on my husband’s job front, Pretzel M&Ms, an awesome new (to us) house.


I am thankful for: fantasy television, sweet potato soup, friendly neighbor cats, time to knit & slippers.

Things I am grateful/thankful for today: Kim’s enthusiasm of going to the Renaissance Festival, RenFest Podcast, Tea.