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Dinner Tonight


All new to me recipes. We’ll see how it goes.




Followers – I know I’ve picked up a lot of you recently. How’d you find me? What do you like to see? What made you decide to follow me? I feel like Alice with all my curiosity.



I dropped the ball. I blame it on drinking/sushi/friends Friday night & then fable 2 on Saturday. And simply no time since. I’m hoping to get the backlog done Friday night/Saturday & get the others ready. I even have a knitting post!

Blog changes

I like to have things in categories. I know this about myself. I always have. Hence I have like SIXTY BAJILLION blogs. Which is stupid. So I’m stopping it. As of now.

And guess what? I like wordpress the best because it lets me use categories AND tags.

So as of today, I’m going to use this as my main blog. Which means you get MORE ME.

Happy, right? 🙂


so yeah…

I know no update in, like, a year. Sorry. I’ve been working two jobs and 50 hours most weeks. Free time has been spent with my husband and getting patterns on ravelry for the most part. I’m going to try to do better. I just cast off a clockwork (pattern by stephen west) today in green & brown for alex. I cast on one for myself. I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it.

That’s all for now! Hope to get time to take photos & upload ones I have soon

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What’s new about being here?

Well, it took me a huge loophole and a half to get my blog here, but I spent last night updating tags, categories, and all that jazz. I’m thinking of going through and redoing tags by project name, more like on Ravelry, instead of by vague category like it is now (ex, Jeff’s Christmas project is now filed under christmas and hat, but if I went to a Ravelry scheme, would be under Nordic Hat and Christmas, because Nordic Hat is the pattern). I do like having my colour tags though, it’s interesting to see what colours I use the most 🙂

My hope, in moving blogs, was to blog more regularly. So, would you guys, as readers (even occasionally), prefer to see smaller posts or larger posts? A few times a week or once a week? What do you like to see? I know what I enjoy and it’s often shorter posts more regularly.

Do you like to see just the craft stuff or do you like seeing personal?


Welcome to WordPress

Hi everyone. I’ve been unhappy with my previous blog host for some time. While it was lovely when I first started, it has not progressed with the times or given me what I really wanted with a blog host as I matured. One part I felt was holding me back was their commenting feature. It is not user-friendly and not very not-member friendly at all. So, here I am. I’ve been blogging my crafts on and off since 2005. I could be found at Now I’m here (this username matches the rest of the ones I use, that was part of the motivation for the switch).

So here I am. I’d like to set up an FAQ page as my about me. What sorts of questions would you like to see?



I’m in!

Now to work on my thesis today and reward myself tonight by playing there 😀


Next Post

Well, I pulled pictures of lots of knitting off my camera, most if it’s Christmas stuff though. I need to remember to dig through my old pictures and find the ones I took of Russell’s and Meredi’s gifts and upload them so that I can post them after they get them. Hmm.

In the meantime, here’s some piccies.


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Next Post

OOO! Yay! Progress overnight on Ravelry! I am now 1428th in line.
I finished the second knitted part of Meghan’s Christmas present. Now I just have to finish one with the crochet hook and then finish them both at home. I am going to be taking so many half-finished projects home to finish it’s not going to be funny: Alex’s DS monsterbag, Meghan’s Christmas pressie x3, Kara’s skirt’s already there, Regan’s monsterbag’s already there. Uugh. I am a horrible crafter, lol. Well, to be fair, Mom’s supposed to have finished Regan’s monsterbag ages ago, Kara’s skirt got mostly finished just before the move, and the others have been knit here, where I don’t have the rest of my supplies. So… yeah.
I moved on to working on the Knit Coffee Sleeve I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Plain yellow cotton. I’ve decided that horseshoe cable is probably even easier than a normal cable. It’s a 10 row pattern repeat with only one row of needing to use a cable needle. Very easy. I’ve got the pattern written on an index card, one row per line, and I’m using a paperclip down the edge to keep track. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t randomly fall off, lol.

I need US 6s. I think that’s one of the few sizes I don’t have. In DPN and normal. And I need some others as well, but 6 is the one that normally pops up. And a US 7 circular. Hmm. Christmas maybe 😀 I’m gonna see if someone will get me the Knitpicks Options basic set. A bit pricey, but since my favorite needles are by a company that no longer exists (which really sucks since I broke the cable on one of my circs the other day *cries*) and I’m using the Options for my Seraphim Shawl and like them pretty well, it’s probably a good long-run investment.

Jabbering now. Off to class go I 🙂

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Ok, I figured Meghan’s Christmas gift problem out. I’ll end up using the knitting + some fancy-pantsy sewing to make it all work out ok I think 🙂 And there’ll be another bitty part thrown in to round it out I think. But yay.

I went a bit nutty on Craftster last night and found a bunch of new stuff to knit. And from one post there, I got led to blogs and… well, you know how it goes. Haha. But among awesome finds: 2 snood patterns that are in “modern” terms (compared to the 1940s pattern I had) and a tam pattern I really like. That’s high up on the “next to do” list.

On my needles currently:
– Part of Meghan’s Xmas giftie
Seraphim Shawl

Planned next (probably this order, but subject to change):
Knit coffee holder
the squee-worthy tam
– Cupcake for Val for Christmas. Haha.

Possible next (who knows:
$5 in Paris

Other things I’m excited about:
Ravelry. Seriously, I’ve been excited since I saw it. I’m thrilled they’re getting into serious beta invites now. There are, as of this moment, 1827 people in front of me. This is down from 2085 earlier today when I checked. If they stick to their 500-600 a day, I could be in on Sunday, probably Monday for sure. Can we say PROCRASTINATION? Haha.

Other knitting (mis)deeds:
– I send Eleanor links. Haha. She’s a fellow history geek major and knitter. She enjoys knitting, but needs some kicks in the butt to get going on the more advanced techniques… like anything that’s not rectangular. Haha. I sent her some videos and some basic DPN patterns she might like. I’m such an enabler.

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