Who’s Jessica B.?


.x. Happily married for 5+ years to a huge geek whose job is currently in the military. We were high school sweethearts.
.x. Attended NC Governor’s School West in 2003, Asheville School 2000-2004, UNC-A 2004-2008 (BA in History).
.x. ISFJ
.x. Moon sign Pisces
.x. Renaissance faire geek.
.x. Huge bookworm.
.x. I like stars, cupcakes, cats, greyhounds, dinosuars, tattoos, music boxes.
.x. I have lived in 8 homes in my life, 7 of which were all in the same town. Homes #6 & up  have been with my husband. I lived in NC in another town for about 8 years during high school and college (dorms don’t count toward that total mentioned earlier). I moved to Alaska and home #8 with my husband in mid-2013.


.x.  We have a cat named Bonnie. She’s a polydactyl and I’ve had her since she was 4 weeks old (October 2012).
.x. We have a dog named Titan. He’s a black lab/Australian Shepherd mix. We’re his 3rd owners and adopted him in August of 2013 when he was about a year and a half old. He’s a bit of a special snowflake and on doggy prozac for anxiety. Woohoo.
.x. Bonnie & Titan are not friends, much as we wish they would be.
x. My husband and I used to have betta fish. We had 3 ladies at once, but Zhaan passed away after only a few months in our house and Q passed away after about six months and then the white veiltail named Snowflake followed not long after. We had a red crowntail betta fish named Boomer (he looked like a little firework) for about a year. Our first fish was an awesome blue veiltail betta. His name was Voidwalker (we called him Voidy) and we had him for about 2.5 years.



See knitting posts here
.x. I am a self-taught knitter.
.x. I am fond of cotton yarns, less fond of wool, though I am learning that it has its uses.
.x. I knit Continental style and wrap my yarn (versus English and picking).
.x. My usual knitting needles are Knitpicks Options interchangeable.


See sewing posts here
.x. I am trying to learn to sew more. I finally own my own sewing machine that was my husband’s grandmother’s. It is a Singer Touch & Sew 628 (made in 1966).

Planner Nerd & Paper Crafts:

See planner posts here and paper craft posts here
.x. I folded 1000 paper cranes out of only recycled paper (no origami paper). I still enjoy folding cranes best.
.x. I have a Filofax Finsbury Compact in Mustard Yellow.
.x. I am a member of Postcrossing and Swap-Bot


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