Picture dump ahead

What? I totally would have had these done sooner if my camera hadn’t eaten a bajillionty pictures since July (Fixed, it is not. Work around has been found. Annoying, but not a biggie).

So, I left you with a coffee mug, right? Right.

So let’s see, the next few picspam posts will cover:
– Ian’s Christmas present (I can post it, it’s not like the dude’ll come across it unless Eleanor shows him. In which case I’m so not sharing a yummy recipe the next time I find it)
– Jeff’s Christmas present
– Mom’s Christmas present (which she *might* find, so I think I’ll hold off on until Christmas)
– Rusty’s Christmas present
– Kathy’s Christmas present (which actually won’t have photos until I finish them really, because I have to STUPID HAND FELT THEM *ahem*)
– Lauren’s Christmas present
– Bryan’s Christmas present
Gabriel’s Wings

and I’m currently working on Buttony. Busy? Yup.

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